Just a little time put aside for your yoga practice brings numerous benefits both physically and mentally. Stress can affect us in every way but through practicing yoga regularly we can release held tension and stress and increase levels of positivity, bringing us the connection to flow through the ups and downs of life with a deep-seated centre of peace.

Once you begin on your journey of yoga practice you will begin to see the many benefits of yoga practice filtering through into your life and all aspects of your well being. Yoga along with a balanced healthy diet brings complete health to every aspect of the human body, increasing the strength of all muscles and the function of internal organs.

Increased strength and health bringing a feeling of lightness, wellbeing and vitality.

Here are some of the many benefits of regular yoga practice:

• Connection with your inner peace
• Increases self-awareness and contentment
• Develops a feeling of lightness
• Increases flexibility and strength
• Clears the mind and quiets the chattering mind
• Increases positivity
• Releases tension in body and mind
• Improves posture and tone
• Reduces stress levels
• Improves all round health, vitality and energy levels
• Improves sleep and digestion