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I've practised Yoga for 7 years but gave up when my teacher moved away, I returned to Jo's class after 2 years of doing no Yoga. In those 2 years I had really bad back pain but Jo's class has helped to eliminate alot of this pain by making the rest of my body very strong.

As well as strengthening my whole body my balance has improved as well as my mental focus. Above all I come out of Jo's class feeling so relaxed and peaceful!


I really enjoy the combination of asanas and meditation in Jo's class, I feel fit and strong and my mind feels clear after class. Jo's Yoga classes are a great way to practice Yoga especially for me as a beginner.


I started Yoga very recently and found it great for relieving stress as well as improving my overall fitness. I have recently experienced some very difficult times in my life and I truly believe that practising Yoga has helped me tremedously! I have found the course very professionly run and very easy to follow as a beginner. I really recommend it!!


I have enjoyed Jo's classes very much! I started Yoga to increase my flexibility for climbing and skiing but I've found i enjoy it for the stress relief as well.


I really like the relaxed atmosphere in Jo's class, and really enjoy that all levels can practise Yoga together. I come away from class feeling very peaceful


I've been practising Yoga for about 1 year, I feel stronger and more relaxed since coming to Jo's class, very good all round work out and great for stress, i would love to attend more often.


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